The Team

Tony Mallia
Lek Hatkhun

Teaching and Learning in the Big Outdoors

I am Tony Mallia.

I trained as an outdoor education teacher at the University of North Wales Bangor Campus more years ago than I care to think about now. I have been involved in residential education and in leading young people in the outdoors in a career which covers 16 schools in 9 countries on 4 continents. For the last 4 years I have been in charge of the Big Mountain Centre based in the Khao Yai Campus of St Stephen's School.

I am a climber, mountaineer, sailor and canoeist, (also a skier but that is hardly relevant in Thailand). 

My wife and business partner, Lek has worked as a housemistress or houseparent in schools in the UK, Africa and Malaysia. More importantly she is an accomplished runner and sailor and is able to manage all the contacts we maintain with Thai speaking organisations, from caterers to insurance companies. Lek has been co-leader working with school groups in the outdoors, not just with BMC, but also with school groups over the last 18 years.






Lek and I have started Big Outdoors in order to take the work I began in BMC to the next level.

We are adding a sail training yacht to the facilities on offer and will expand our operations on the East Coast, especially during the Khao Yai rainy season, June to November. We will also be able to offer a greater range of accomodation options and more activities while continuing to meet the most exacting standards of planning and safety. Contact us to discuss your residential course requirements and get a quote. Most courses are under 2000 Baht/day for the students (teachers free) inclusive of food, accomodation, activities and local transport.

During the school holidays we will also be offering amazing educational and activity camps and tours for families. Group size 5 to 10. Contact us for information.