Holiday adventure tours for families and groups.

1. Khao Sam Roi Yod tour from Bangkok or Hua Hin. 

4 days and 3 nights at basic National Park accommodation.



  • Day 1 Afternoon; Wildlife safari 










  • Day 2 morning; Cave exploration











  • Day 2 afternoon; Kayaking through mangroves and limestone mountains 











  • Day 3 Mountain and coastal hike including the iconic Phra Nakhnon pavilion.













  • Day 4 Wetlands exploration and birdwatching.














Cost for 5 persons.

All inclusive Baht 66,500 [US$1970] (Baht 13,000/head)[US$394]

Accommodation, transport and activities only (without food) Baht 58,000 [US$1720] (11,600/head)[US$344]

Additional persons up to 10 total, add Baht 7000 per head. [US$ 210]

Groups larger than 10, e-mail for a quotation.

Additional activity options,  mountain biking, sea fishing, snorkeling/diving. e-mail for a quotation.

Upgrade accomodation to resort standard; e-mail for quotation.