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Advanced Fieldwork

* 2-5 days

We offer fieldwork courses for IB, A level and IGCSE in Biology, Geography and Environmental systems and Societies. We can provide a base and facilities for you to run your own course or can provide tried and tested fieldwork activities tailored to your curriculum.

Community Service

* 1-3 days

We have developed contacts with local community organisations to make it possible for your group to provide service in several areas;

  • Conservation; tree planting, trail building, dam construction etc.

  • Local schools. Work with local children to provide amenities or teach classes.

  • Elephant welfare; work at the Thai Elephants Research and Conservation Fund Centre to help raise funds.

Middle School Curricular courses

* 2-5 days

Primary School Courses

* 2-5 days

We provide cross curricular courses for Middle School (UK Key Stage 3) groups. Your students engage in active outdoor learning in a range of subjects including Science, Maths, Geography, Art, Thai, English, Design Technology and History.

These activities can be combined with Adventure Training to provide a stimulating mixed course.

Themed courses for IBPY, IPC and other primary curricula. Hands on activities in the outdoors which bring your theme to life. Build a refugee camp, make a rock painting, learn how to make a clay pot or film an interview with a local conservationist for a news item, we will provide fun and safe activities for your residential camp. Y3- Y6

Custom Courses

* 2-5 days

Adventure Training

* 2-5 days

Through our network of approved activity providers, we can offer a wide range of risk assessed adventure training activities for all ages and abilities.

  • Rock Climbing

  • High ropes course

  • Kayak or rafting on still or moving water

  • Sailing in dinghies and yachts

  • Cave exploration

  • Hiking and trekking

  • Mountain biking

  • Snorkeling


Team Building

* 2-5 days

We offer team building for School groups and Businesses. Grow your team through a variety of short or extended challenges sure to extend everyone.

We will stretch you physically and mentally and show you that together you are capable of more than you think.

You can combine elements of any of the courses described to create your own custom course. You can lead activities yourself, ask our stff to lead them, or team teach. We can provide logistical support for multiple groups doing different activities and will develop new activities to your requirements wherever possible.

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