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Packing List Advice For Koh Sichang Amazing Journey

Important information No. 1

You will be carrying your bags for a couple of kilometers on the first section of your journey, including taking them on and off a ferry. If you bring more than you can comfortably carry you will have a bad time and put your team at a disadvantage. A rucksack or sensible sized soft bag with carry straps is ideal


Important information No. 2

The first day will be dry but the second day will almost certainly involve getting wet. You need to bring clothes you can swim in.


Important information No. 3 About shoes.

On day 1 you will be hiking on rough ground and possibly doing a bit of rock climbing. A good pair of trainers/walking shoes will work.

On day 2 you will be walking in the sea in an area with sharp shells and spiny sea urchins. You will need appropriate footwear.

You can of course use the same footwear both days if it has good grip and you don’t mind getting it wet.


Good for water activities

climbing shoes.png

Good for climbing

Important information No. 4

 Protection against the weather. In September it can be very hot or pouring with rain………….often on the same day. Long sleeves, hats, high factor sunscreen, and waterproof tops are all good to have. A 30 Baht waterproof from 7-11 works fine too


Important information No. 5 Phones and dry-bags

Your group will need at least 1 smart phone with a QR code reader for the journey as that is how you will get instructions. A roll-top drybag  will protect it when you are in the water or in heavy rain and can keep your wallet and towel dry too.


Essential items. Do not leave home without these things!

  • Swimming clothing for kayaking and swimming. You need to cover up and protect yourself from the sun, especially your back, neck and shoulders. Use a long sleeved , knee length swim suit, swimvest and shorts or swimshorts and lightweight polyester t-shirt.

  • Water shoes and trainers See above.


  • Water proof sunblock. High factor 15+.

  • Water bottle. One that you can refill each day from the supply we give you

  • Two towels.

Strongly recommended.

  • Waterproof dry-bag For phones, cameras and anything else that must not swim, plus your towel and change of clothes

  • Sunglasses (with elastic strap)

Other important items.


  • Washing kit

  • Night clothes

  • One set of clothes (underwear, socks, shorts, t-shirts) per day of camp + 1 spare (in addition to those above)

  • Indoor shoes, slippers.

  • Camera (waterproof is best)

  • Personal medication (if needed)

  • Spending money (all essentials are provided – for snacks, souvenirs etc. only)


Glasses/contact lens wearers.

If you need to wear your expensive prescription glasses during water activities, (windsurfing and swimming) please use a strap with them so they do not fall off and end up at the bottom of the sea.  Contact lens wearers, carry spares.

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