It's tough at the top!

Your group will go to the highest point on Koh Sichang and build a 1m cairn there to mark your ascent.

First you have to get to the point where this picture was taken. Should take about 15 minutes from where the samlor drops you, if you are fit, but there are plenty of steps to climb.

From there another set of 367 steps leads up through the forest to the summit which has a concrete tower on it. Your task here is to build a new cairn at least 1m high. There are plenty of rocks to use and you may incorporate rocks from other small cairns too. Take a picture of your group. You get points for the height and quality of the cairn and FOR AN IMAGINATIVE AND FUN GROUP PICTURE (but respctful please as you are on temple grounds) If this is your first challenge then collect the QR code No 9 for your next challenge and walk there.

If it is your 2nd challenge you can walk back to the resort.