Holiday adventure tours for families and groups.

1. Khao Yai nature tour from Bangkok or Pattaya. 

4 days and 3 nights Hotel accommodation.



9 hole golf course attached to the hotel. Clubs available for hire.





  • Day 1 Temples and bats . Visit 2 outstanding cave temples. See bats up close on the roost and watch the emergence of close to 1 million Asian Wrinkle Lipped bats from their cave at dusk, together with the buzzards, sparrow hawks, tawny owls and other raptors which gather to prey on them.











  • Day 2 Khao Yai National Park. Go early in the morning and hike two or more trails with experienced guides with a good chance of spotting elephant, gibbons, Siamese crocodile, sambar and muntjak deer, hornbills. Visit a mountain viewpoint and one or more of the Park's spectacular waterfalls. Stay on for a night safari with a chance of spotting civet cat, martens, porcupine and owls. 












  • Day 3 Kayaking expedition on the Lam Takhong river and mountain bike expedition.  The Lam Takhong river comes down from the National Park and  passes through Pak Chong on its way to the Lam Takhong reservoir. Much of the year it is passable along most of its length, but the narrow channel and overhanging trees and many wiers make it an interesting challenge. Chinese water dragons are often seen on trees overhanging the river. There are also many kilometers of track and minor road passing through spectacular scenery for mountain bikers with interesting stops along the way from Chokchai dairy farm to a giant white Buddha statue, from natural springs which offer a cool swim in the heat of the day to vinyards where one can sample the local vintage, to an elephant sanctuary where one can interact with resued elephants and learn about the threats to wild elephants from an acknowledged expert.












  • Day 4 Rock art, sandstone forest hike with bouldering option. 4000 year old rock paintings in an area of outstanding natural beauty. Eroded sandstone blocks, some enclosed by tree root systems, with sandy paths and 100 year old buddha sculptures and a buddha footprint. All in a peaceful and rarely visited forest in the grounds of a temple. We can visit, hike in the forest and attempt our own rock painting using paints made from red clay, charcoal and chalk. For those with experience, there is a bouldering area with pelnty of challenging short problems. Bring your own equipment.















Cost for 5 persons.

All inclusive Baht 64,000 [US$1900] (Baht 12,800/head)[US$380]

Additional persons up to 10 total, add Baht 7000 per head. [US$ 210]

Groups larger than 10, e-mail for a quotation.

Additional activity options,  horse riding, adventure park, vinyard tour e-mail for a quotation.