Based at Petcharat Camp Resort in Saraburi

All rooms have air conditioning and en suite bathrooms with heated showers. Spacious open air dining areas, air conditioned meeting/work room. Huge grounds with mountains and forest, cliffs, streams and caves.

Great value at prices from 29,500 baht (with early booking or sibling discount) for 14 days.  High quality, exciting activities with an instructor to student ratio maximum 1:6.  A unique opportunity to experience nature close-up and personal with outdoor education experts.




Camp Theme is understanding and conserving nature


The evolution of elephants: Khorat fossil museum

Elephants close up: Khorat zoo

Elephants in the wild: Khao Yai elephant survey and count.

Elephants as a keystone species. Khao Yai


Mammals; Elephant, gaur sambar and muntjak deer, serow, porcupine, dhole, civet cat, otter, yellow throated marten, gibbon, pangolin, binturong, pig tailed macaques, etc.


Rainforests and grassland:

We will spend 3 days (and 2 nights) roaming in Khao Yai national park.

During that time we will study the mammals and birds of the rainforest by day and night, and compare the different biomes in the park

River journeys:

The rivers in the area, Pasak, Lam Takhong and Muak Lek, are rich in birdlife and a leisurely journey by kayak gives an opportunity to watch, identify and tick off on the list a good number of different species.

In the smaller streams we will collect and identify insect larvae and other invertebrates and see how  scientists use these indicator species to assess the water quality in the river.


Life underground:

Petcharat itself and the surrounding limestone mountains contain big and small caves with their own specialised and highly adapted species.

Bats of course - we will observe millions leaving a cave at dusk with hawks and owls joining the show.

But inside the cave there is a food web based on bat guano with crickets and beetles, cave scorpions and centipedes, frogs and toads and fish


At Petcharat:

The grounds around the resort include several square kilometers of dry limestone forest and rocky limestone outcrops and pinnacles. The forest contains plants adapted for dry conditions plus a good variety of birds  and many interesting insects, spiders and reptiles. We will survey and list these with day and night observation walks and will construct a short nature trail With information boards, researched and written by the group, through the most interesting scenery